Hey Parents and Youth!

Sunday – Sunday, November 11th is Confirmation Sunday. This is the day when most of our new 7th graders (those who have completed the confirmation process) are confirmed in the 11 am traditional worship service in the sancturary. That event is the culmination of a 10 week process, but it is not the only thing happening (for the confirmands and their families) that day. Please read through the following information and fill out the Confirmation Sunday Survey below.

  • CONFIRMATION BREAKFAST – confirmands, parents/family, ex-cons, and confirmation leaders meet in Bain Hall at 9 am for a light breakfast, special presentations, and a competition between the parents and confirmands (3rd annual) called “Are you smarter than a confirmand.”
  • CONFIRMATION PRACTICE –  immediately following the breakfast the confirmands will travel to the sanctuary where they will do a quick run through/practice before the actual service
  • CONFIRMATION SERVICE – at 11 am, in the main sanctuary, our confirmands will be recognized and asked to confirm what they believe (as a group)

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions!

His servants and your partners in ministry,

Pete, Rhonda, and Carrie


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