So while our last post was thorough, we want to make sure if you’re not text-savvy, you can still add yourself to our new ATN Texting platform with Tatango. If you missed that last post explaining some of the perks of the new system, you can view that post HERE. Here’s the basics of what we need you to do to stay informed! We’ve added some screenshots to make it a bit easier.

  1. TEXT “JOINATN” to the number 33733. (The “contact” of your message will be 33733, and your “message” will be “JOINATN” without spaces.) Check out the image below to be sure you’ve got it right.


  1. Add “33733” as a contact in your phone. For our use, we’ve named it “ATN Youth Ministry”. This way, you’ll know immediately that it’s us when we text ATN updates throughout the month. (Because who wants to get messages from some random number?) You can do this by scrolling to the top of the message and clicking “Add Contact”. You can then add ATN as a new contact.

Add ATN as a Contact

  1. Add yourself to a grade-specific group. See the “keywords” below. For example, if you/your son/your daughter are in 8th grade, you’d text “ATN8” to 33733, and you’d also be added to the 8th grade group. (Then, when we have events specifically for middle school, we can notify you!)


  1. Add yourself to event-specific groups when they come up. For example, if you KNOW you’re going on the ski trip in January, you can text “ATNSKI” to 33733 and when we send texts specific to the Ski Trip, you’ll get one too.


  1. At any point during the week, you can text “ATNUPDATE” to 33733, and you’ll get current information about what’s going on in our ministry. For example, this week you’d get information about Saturday’s ATN Christmas Party. Also, you can text “ATNCHRISTMAS” to 33733 for a blurb solely about ATN’s party. (And then forward it to your parents!)



Again, don’t be afraid to email me with questions at about how this works! We’ve already had great success with using this in our program (We did a test run this past Saturday on the Dallas trip!), and we know you’ll love being more informed. Have a great Sunday!



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